A Visitor For Bear

Theater: Mediatheque Theatre

Based on a book by: Bonny Becker; Written and directed by: Ruti Tamir and Gabriel Hadar; Music: Yuval Bilgorai and Elad Tal; Stage and Costume Design: Yasmin Wollek; Lighting Design: Dania Zemmer; Speech Instructor: Margalit Gez

Age: 3-9

A grumpy Bear does not get along with anyone, ever. He shuts his door and no visitors are allowed inside. But everything changes when a small, enthusiastic, determined Mouse, arrives at his home. Will Mouse be able to persuade Bear to have tea and cookies with him, sharing a wonderful new world of friendship?
Beat Box, Electric guitar and Sax, Meet the Odd Couple in this modern, innovative, Cool and hip show.

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Running Time: 50 minutes

Cast: Yuval Bilgorai; Gabriel Hadar; Guy Ron; Elad Tal; Ruti Tamir