Theater: Platforma Theater

Written by: Keren Cohen Israeli; Directed by: Dana Dvorin; Dramaturgy: Shahar Pinkas; Music by: Idan Itzhayek; Filming and Video Art Design: Yifat Gabay; Set Design: Sharon Dagan; Costume Design: Orit Kempler; Lighting Design: Noam Toplian; Video Technical Assistance: Nitay Shalem; Assitant Director: Hila Zarum; Makeup: Jenny Zorin; Producer: Daniel Cohen Bevensee; Assistant Producer: Sharon Sher Cohen; Video and Still Photography: Yifat Gabay

Age: 12-18

The play takes place in an internet courtroom and tells the story of Orr, an innocent young girl, whose ex-boyfriend has posted intimate sexual videos of her to all social media.
“How did it happen that Orr was suddenly transformed from being an anonymous teenager to an unwilling “famous person”? How has her life changed? Why did she choose to put the defendant on trial in an online virtual courtroom? What is “Virtual Rape”?
The play’s story is based on the true personal story of Yam Kattel, a participant of the Platforma project and the show.

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Running Time: 70 minutes

Cast: Shira Curiel; Yam Kattel; Daniel Cohen Bevensee; Elhai Levit
Video participants: Esti Zakheym; Alon Dahan; Avishai Meridor