One Wing Ziona

Theater: Kibbutz Theater

Written by: Hadas Kalderon & Oded Ehrlich; Directed by: Idan Amit; Music: Tal Blecharovitz; Set Design: Adam Keller; Costume Design: Limor Hershco; Lighting Design: Danya Zemer; Photography: Kfir Bolotin

Age: 3-9

This show tells the story of Ziona, a bird with just one wing, who has to stay in the nest with her mother while everyone else leaves for the Great Migration to Bird Isle.
But Ziona doesn’t “throw her wings up” and along with Dopic, her hedgehog pal, she embarks on foot against all odds on a thrilling and tumultuous coming of age journey full of adventures, humor and friendship, in which Ziona discovers that willpower, faith and friendship can take her wherever her heart desires, no matter how impossible the way may seem.

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Cast: Dalit David; Yaniv Swisa; Keren Mor; Israel Koginsky; Joseph Alon