Pinochio DelÁrte

Theater: Israel National Youth Theatre

Adapted by: Daniel Efrat and Gilad kimchi; Directed and Choreographed by: Gilad kimchi; Lighting by: Ziv Voloshin; Set Designed by: Eran Atzmon; Costumes by: Ola Shuvtsov; Music by: Amir lekner

Age: 3-9

A magical musical about the power of love and the power of love.
Pinochio dreams of becoming a real boy, but first he must pass the test.
In his journey Pinochio is sold to a puppet theatre, and follows false promises while tempted and escaping to the land of children, and while lying he finds himself in the belly of a whale. In the end Pinochio proves he is brave, faithful and caring. This theatrical adaptation employs the Itallian Comedia DelÁrte style blending music, acrobatics, masks and puppet theatre.

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Cast: Dikla hadar; Revital Zaltsman; Yaniv levi; Keren Marom; Amir Shorosh