The World According To Alon

Written by: Orli Yeshua Shwartzberg
Translated by: Iftach Ophir

Theater: The Association for the Advancement of Israeli Hour Theater for Children and Youth

Directed by: Yael Tilman; Music by: Ran Bagno; Stage Design: Ze’ev Levy; Costume design: Avia Bash; Still photography: Kfir Bolotin; Video photography: Ynon Porat

Alon is a lovely boy with High Functioning Autism who moves back home from boarding school in order to start learning in a “regular” school and to be responsible for his younger brother, because after his Dad left, he is the head of the family, and it’s not easy.
The show, written from Alon’s point of view, allows a glimpse into his unique world through a series of amusing and touching situations. Winner of the 2010 Actor, Actress, and Playwright Award*

Cast: Idit Teperson; Shosha Goren; Bat Hen Sabag; Or Meir; Shir Shinar