Play writing & director: Tom Wolinitz; Music: Omri Dagan; Set and costume designer: Frida shoham; Choreographer: Omer Shemer

Age: 3-9

A bilngual play about the courage of friendship, magical love, a lot of carrot cake, about the beauty of differences and the possibilities of having all kinds of connections. A city rabbit and a country rabbit are cousins and good friends for a long time. One day they decide to live together and at first everything seems wonderful! Until they discover their differences- the country rabbit is scattered and jumpy while his city friend is a stickler for order and tidiness.
One loves to enjoy and mess around while the other follows regular routine…will they manage to get along? Will both of them learn to compromise ?

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Running Time: 50 minutes

Cast: Gili Beit halahmi; Ameer shoukry yacoub