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Use Regulations and Policy
Terms for Using the Site
Use of the assitej-israel.org.il website (hereinafter: “the Site”) of “Exposure 2020” (hereinafter: “the Project”) is subject to the terms of use set out below. By clicking on the “I agree” button, you, the User of the Site (hereinafter: “the User”), express your consent to and confirm that you have fully read and understood the terms of use.
The Project may change the Site’s terms of use from time to time, without giving prior notice. The changes shall take effect from the date of their publication.
The site’s terms of use are worded in the masculine gender for the sake of convenience only, and shall apply to all users, be they individuals, groups, businesses or corporations, and to men and women alike.
Execution of Orders and the Registration Procedure
The User may view the content displayed on the Site in a partial or initial manner, however, in order to receive full content, plays or playwriting for personal use, the User may register for the Site in a simple and straightforward registration process.
In order to register and/or to place an order on the site, the User shall be asked to provide his details, including mandatory fields such as: given name and surname an electronic mail address for contact purposes, his country of origin, his theater affiliations or his connection to and the position which he holds in a cultural institution.
Since this is a professional site containing protected professional material, the User shall not be able to place an order on the Site without completing its short registration procedure.
Viewing Materials on the Site
After completing the initial registration procedure for the site, confirmation shall be sent by email to the registrant’s email address.
The contents of the Site may only be viewed by the User and no use shall be made of the materials appearing on the Site without the site’s prior written authorization.
Verified professional users, theatre professionals and play-writers (hereinafter: “the professional user”) shall be granted access to the professional materials, subject to copyright protection and all the terms of use. To obtain access, subject to completion of the registration procedure and confirmation by the site, kindly click on the professional user button.
The project reserves the right to invalidate and/or not approve a user for any reason and in its sole discretion, inter alia, due to the submission of partial and/or imprecise details. In addition, the project may not contract with a user who intentionally submits incorrect details and/or breaches the site’s terms of use.
Intellectual Property
All copyrights, intellectual property rights and rights which are inherently similar to copyrights or intellectual property rights (hereinafter: “the intellectual property rights”) in this site means all intellectual, moral, industrial and/or proprietary rights and rights which are recognized in connection with any of the foregoing according to law or justice, anywhere in the world, whether registered or not, including all rights which are parallel and/or equivalent in value to them and all works deriving from them.
The Site contains intellectual property which belongs to the Project or the creators and/or theaters participating in it and/or anyone acting on its behalf (for example, a graphic file, texts, plays, performances, dances and any other material). The User must assume that the materials displayed on the Site are protected by intellectual property law, unless stated otherwise. No part of the materials on the Site may be sold, reproduced, copied, distributed, altered, publicly displayed or handed over to any third party, and no other commercial or public use may be made of them, without obtaining the Project’s and/or the creators’ prior written consent to any such requested action.
Without the Project’s prior written approval, none of the site’s pages or their contents may be displayed in a different graphic design or interface from those used on the site. The presentation or inclusion of information or content on the Site shall not be seen as granting the User any rights in that information or content, including any intellectual property rights, license, permission or other right.
Any use which is at variance with the provisions of this agreement shall result in the immediate cancellation of the right to use the Site and shall entitle the Project and/or the creators to file a claim for $100,000 without proof of damage and without prejudice to the creators’ rights to sue for the full amount of their damages.
User License –
The use of the website is for viewing and/or reading purposes only. The contents of the Site may only be used if, after registration and making contact, prior written consent is given in the creator’s sole discretion, and subject to the following conditions.
Subject to the provisions of this agreement, and the Project’s written approval, the Project grants the User in the creators’ name, a personal, nonexclusive license which is nontransferable to any third party to use the materials forwarded to him by email for the purposes permitted by this agreement only.
The User right may be revoked in any case of transfer and/or sublicensing without requesting the approval the Project’s (and/or the creators’) prior written approval.
It is clarified that the User license is limited to the state and/or the theater appearing in the order form, unless expressly stated otherwise.
Privacy Declaration
The project considers the privacy of the Site user to be of great importance and it works to maintain that privacy through the means detailed hereinafter.
The User hereby declares that he understands and agrees with the privacy policy which constitutes part of the site’s terms of use and that by using the Site per se he relinquishes any claim against the Project and/or anyone acting on its behalf in connection with the privacy policy as detailed hereinafter.
Gathering and Database Storage of Information
The Project receives information about the site’s users which is transmitted for the purpose of contacting them (hereinafter: “the transmitted information”) and information gathered while browsing the site, including information about pages that interested the User, the User’s browsing habits, services which he found to be of interest, etc., and the Internet address (hereinafter: “the statistical information”).
The Project may store the transmitted information as well as the statistical information gathered during use of the Site and you, the User, express your consent to the gathering and storage in a database of the statistical and transmitted information as aforesaid.
According to law, the User is not obliged to furnish and/or to consent to the gathering of information as aforesaid, however, in the absence of such consent, the User shall be precluded from using the Site as aforesaid.
If and in so far as he shall choose to do so, the User may peruse the information collected about him, and should he find the information to be incorrect, incomplete or obsolete, he may email the database owner at [email protected] and request its deletion or correction in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981.

Use of Information
The Project shall make use of the information gathered for the purpose of contacting the User as follows:
A. Contacting the User in connection with an order that he requested to make on the Site and 
 providing details or completing it.
B. Forwarding additional information and/or similar publications to the email address. The
 user may inform the Project at any time that he does not wish to continue receiving 
 information of any kind from the Project.
Data Security
The Project undertakes to refrain, in so far as possible, from forwarding the User’s details to any third party, unless it has been given permission to do so by the User and for the purposes of placing the order and/or transferring it to the relevant creators and/or theatres.
In the following cases, the Project shall transfer the User’s information without permission:
A. The User violated the site’s terms of use and/or policy.
B. The User received a court order instructing him to pass on the User’s details.
C. A claim, proceeding, dispute or investigation between the User and the Project and/or the 
While the Site meets the Standard (?) checks and endeavors to protect the User’s details, given the existing technological developments the Project does not guarantee that the information stored on the Site shall be completely immune to unauthorized access and the User declares and undertakes that he understands and agrees with this.
The Project shall not be liable for any damage of any kind, direct, indirect or resultant, which the User may sustain due to the unlawful and unauthorized disclosure or use of the User’s personal information and/or any other caused for any reason and/or in any way.
Site Malfunctions
Malfunctions may occur which prevent the systematic or continuous use of the Site and/or placing of orders on the site. While we do our best to maintain the integrity of the Site and its operation, in the event of a malfunction the User shall not make any claim against the Project.
The use of the Site and the services provided on it shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the State of Israel and the competent courts in the district of Tel Aviv shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any matter or issue deriving from the site’s use and privacy policy.