The Egg That Dressed Up

Theater: Shelanu Theatre

Based on a book by: Dan Pagis; Written by: Ronen Goldfarb; Directed by: Idan Amit; Set Designed: Batya Segal and Michael Pick; Choreography: Yosef Alon; Costumes: Tal Kilshon; Musical direction: Liat Perlov; Musical Adaptations: Eldad Yaron

Age: 3-9

The story of an egg that is dissatisfied with herself and doesn’t know who she is and what her role in this world. During the play she changes, deliberates, rolls around and dresses up until she returns to her mother the chicken who provides her with the love and warmth she looked for- and inside the egg kicks a little chick. During the play the egg meets many characters and through dressing up tries to find her own identity. After going from character to character, and many attempts resulting in failure and dismay, she returns to what she knows and is right for her- developing from there.

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Running Time: 50 minutes

Cast: Shirly Lilu; Liz Rabian; Oren Cohen Menashe; Adi Raz; Ben Naftal