The Paper Clips

Theater: Kibutz & Goshen Theaters

A Play by: Orly Yeshua; Director: Tom Shwartzberg; Set design: Niv Manor; Costume design: Limor Hershko; Music: Effi Shoshani; Lighting: Roy Milo; Video Art: Yinon Porat

Age: 12-18

What brings three American kids, in a town with no Jews at all, to embark on the ambitious project of collecting six million paper clips in memory of the Holocaust’s Jewish victims? Will their friendship withstand the obstacles they face in this attempt? This play is based on a true story that took place in 1998, in the American town of Whitwell, Tennessee. The project, led by the local school continued for three years, earned global acclaim, and demonstrates the power of children to bring forth social change and create a better world for us all.

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Cast: Rivka Nussan; Zvika Shwartzberg; Neta Plotnik; Ori Zaltzman; Yonatan Shwartzberg