The Princess And The Secret Of The Dragon

Theater: BLACKBOX Theatre

Creator and Director: Yael Slor; Playwright: Inbal Gantzer; Composer and Creative Partner: Dana Eizen; Costume and Set Design: Dalit Inbar; Lighting Design: Yair Segal; Choreography: Mor Leedor; Dramaturgical Consultant: Merav Zurel – Shaked

Age: 9-12

The time has come for a new kind of fairytale- this time the princess saves the prince!
This is the story of Princess Althea, who lives in a kingdom surrounded by a great wall which guards it from a terrible dragon.
One day, following a dragon attack, her Prince Adam falls over the wall and disappears. Althea makes the brave decision to venture out and rescue him. In the world beyond the wall she discovers a dark secret…
This show presents an inspirational princess role model, a truth seeking, visionary leader who frees her people from their fears and limitations. She gives them a new perspective, a worldview which reminds us that we are always able to create the reality of our own lives.

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Cast: Doron Rechlis; Hadas Reinwald; Tal Idisis; Igal Salkovsky; Yaniv Segall; Yishay Ben Moshe; Merav Tsabari Biber; Noa Frumerman; Inbar Hala; Karine Koret-Hoffman; Shalina Tsfania; Tamir Bider; Tamar Even-Chen; Tamar Malachy